#1 Money Mistake in 2018

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Today, I will share with you the #1 money mistake I see people making out there. This is so much deeper than someone getting a high-interest rate or something like that. This is the mindset.

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Today, I will reveal to you the number one biggest money and financial related mistake I see people making all the time. This is a massive financial mistake, something you never want to do, ever, okay. And there are a lot of financial mistakes for.

So for me to say something is number one that’s really going out there, right? Because there’s a lot of dumb things people could do with money, okay, someone could get $100,000. And they could say.

I could invest that money and have that 100,000 grow into the 150,200 1000, and so on and so forth. Or they could say I’m going to spend that 100,000 on a Range Rover, I’m gonna spend $100,000 on a Range Rover.

And each year that Range Rover depreciate and next thing you know, it’s worth 80,000. And then a few years later, a year later, it’s worth 60,000 a few years later, also in that range rover is worth 40,000, it gets less and less and less. Okay.

The amount of money that Range Rovers worth is goes down and down and down, when you could have invested that money into something in major money into money. Okay, I’ve seen a lot of people do that. All right.

I’ve seen a lot of people sign up for car loans with 20% interest rates on them. Okay. 20% interest rates. Are you flipping my flapjacks? That’s ridiculous. Like, are you kidding me? A 20% plus interest rate.

I’ve seen people do that right in front of my eyeballs before and it’s like, Are you kidding me? Like what do you think? And right now, what are you thinking, Okay, I’ve seen people buy some spec stocks over time.

GoPro, you know, buying a spec stock that you know, isn’t profitable at that particular time, isn’t making money maybe could execute on all these things and execute on their vision and it could be a you know.

You would make a ton of money on the investment. But at the same time, you’re taking such a big risk in one of those investments, then you could end up losing a substantial amount of money.

Okay, you could lose a substantial amount of money all right. I’ve seen people gambled money away, you know, at casinos, like their whole net worth, basically, I’ve seen people do so much stupid stuff. Okay.

I’ve seen people do so much stupid stuff. I’ve done some stupid stuff in my time. My two main things were the time to mess around with the spec stock would do is very publicized on this channel. Okay.

When I messed around with GoPro stock, that was a really dumb decision in the end, okay, that was way to spec and I made a huge investment. That company cost me a lot of money. All right.

The second big huge, a mistake I’ve made my financial life is I messed around with margin, which is essentially starting to gamble on stocks because you’re starting to take out debt to invest more money. Okay.

So I’ve done some dumb stuff in my time, okay, I can’t point the finger and say I, you know, everybody else makes mistakes. I don’t make any mistakes. I’ve made some mistakes as well. Okay.

We all have it, everyone does. Okay. But there’s one thing that throughout my time, I’ve seen that that’s big, a bigger change in my life, and holds more people back. Okay, this one thing is just massive in what it does to people. Okay.

By the way, let me know what your biggest financial mistake is. Maybe you’re so young, and you’ve just, you know, are starting your financial life that you haven’t made any financial mistakes yet.

And that’s okay. You know, it’s understandable if you’re under, let’s say, you’re watching this video and you’re under 21 years old, like you, you’re just starting out. So you probably haven’t made any financial mistakes.

But once you start getting in your mid 20s 30s 40s, like, you’re going to start making some mistakes here and there. Some things can go wrong. The trick is you just want to avoid as many pitfalls as possible. Okay.

So the first thing is the biggest mistake I see people making, okay? It’s revolves around money, but it involves the mindset around money, okay? It’s a psychological mindset, okay. So people’s mindset is geared toward spending the money, okay.

Spending the money and everything they think about is how I’m going to spend this money I have, okay, massive financial mistake, that’s a really bad mindset, okay. Then there’s another mindset you could have that is around money, which is.

Basically I need to save every penny, every single dollar, you know, is is valuable, and I can’t I can’t spend any money here and everything’s so expensive, and oh, my gosh, I need to try to save money.

I can’t spend money on anything. I’m gonna tell you, that’s also a bad mindset. Okay. And that’s that mindset I used to come up with. And that’s a mindset I was raised on. And as I’ve grown as an adult.

I can see that that was a horrible mindset. Okay, it wasn’t as bad as this one, but it’s pretty damn close. Okay. And then the next one is a mindset on money, which is a growth mentality, okay.

And this is one that really only about 5% or less of the population really has a growth mindset. When it comes to money. I would say maybe, probably realistically, about two to 3% of the total population really has a growth money mindset. Okay, that’s probably more realistic than 5%.

Five percents being generous. Okay. So this one, we knows that this is the one that’s talked about all the time, anybody, anybody that talks anything about money, they tell you, oh, man.

If you’re just focused on spending all your money all the time, you’re not making any more money in anything like that’s bad. That’s obvious, okay. But the one that doesn’t get talked about the one that never gets talked about the mentality and never gets talked about, is this one, okay.

Which is also a horrible mentality to have what I’ve seen out there from people is I’ve seen people just talk about saving money. And I grew up like this. I grew up in a family that was all about not necessarily growing their money.

They didn’t have growth mentality, they had saving mentality, okay, we’re going to cut coupons. We’re going to save money wherever we can we, you know, that’s too expensive over there that’s too expensive in the focus was always on saving money.

And was never on growing money growth, okay. And so as I came up into the financial world, I thought that might be the right the right way. For me, I should just worry about saving money because Gosh.

I can never make more money out there. And then my mindset was started to slowly slip. And I began to understand that this is where big money’s at, okay? None over here, you’re not going to save your way to a billion dollars, okay? You’re not going to save your way, even a $10 million.

Okay, you’re not going to save your way to get to that you’re making 40,000 a year, okay? Do the math on that you work a job for 40,000 a year and you make 30. You know, you work there for 30 years, take taxes out of that, guess what, that is? A whole lot of nothing. Okay.

That’s a whole lot of nothing. Nevermind, if you had kids and all those different expenses, okay. It’s a whole lot of nothing. And where the real money is, that is if you got growth mentality, okay.

You’re thinking about how to grow this pie to get bigger and bigger and bigger? And how can I do things over here and your attention, your attention, your mindset, your attention, is on growth, okay.

You don’t care about savings, you don’t care about, you know, the dime that’s going out there, there, you know, here or there, you care about how you’re going to make more money, okay? And that’s what my focus is totally on.

Nowadays, my mindset, I don’t care how I spend $100 a month on a wine club, I don’t even drink wine, spend $100 a month on a wine club, I don’t even drink wine, spend $100 on cable TV, I don’t even watch cable TV.

And it’s not because it’s necessarily wasted or something, you know, somebody’s gonna drink that wine somebody a entertainer or whatever, somebody watches the cable TV or whatever my kids enjoy.

They watch cartoons or whatever, right? But my mindset is, I don’t even care man, the $100 like nothing to me, because guess what, I’m worried about making 10s of 1000s and hundreds of 1000s out here, okay.

I’m more than the conference call it could be listening to while I’m instead of, you know, paying attention to oh my gosh, I gotta cut costs here cut costs here, that conference call, it could be worth 1000s of dollars, 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of dollars, okay? Or millions of dollars.

And because of that on the conference call, and I’m worried about oh my gosh, how am I gonna save a few pennies here and there. All of a sudden, I missed out on a huge opportunity. Okay.

I get people all the time. They’re like, Jeremy, I would love to join your stock market membership group, but it’s $99 a month. I’m like, dude, you cannot afford to not be in that group.

Like, like you’re learning for somebody. You’re personally learning from somebody that’s been in the stock market for 10 years. Okay. You can not afford to not be in that group. All right.

And if no one joined that group, like, I’m good for the rest of my life. You got to ask yourself, how did this guy get to be so good in his life? Like, like, like, how did that end up happening? Okay, had that end up happening.

It’s all because the stock market didn’t make money from Kwik Trip. Yeah. Did I make money from our real estate marketing company? Yeah. Do I make money from YouTube? Yeah, I made money all along the way.

But then I would funnel that money into investments and growing that money into more money, okay, growing that money growing that money growing that money. So when I say $99 a month to be in my stock market membership group.

You can not afford to not be in there late, like how, like, you can’t put $1 sign on that from someone that has made more made and lost more money in the stock market, then, you know, anybody in my age group that I’ve ever met in my life.

Like no one’s made the kind of money I’ve made from the stock market. No one’s lost the kind of money I’ve made you lost in the stock market. Okay. Both those sides, no one okay. No one I’ve ever met has even even in my same like league as me. Okay.

It’s insane. So in my opinion, is it worth being in that group? Yeah, absolutely. Okay, for nine $9 a month. That’s like a joke when you when you when I really think about the numbers I’ve done in my lifetime already. Okay.

I tutor $1,000 in the stock market before his age 25 work in a convenience store, like, like, that’s pretty crazy, guys. Okay, think about that for a second. So where your attention needs to be is on growth.

This is where your attention is going to be. Forget, forget, you know, spending money you already lost. Like take your oil and go home, you know, if your money your mindsets, just there like you’re never gonna win at this game.

But if your mind says just around saving, dude, you need to get over here, man. This is where the players are at. This is where the players are at. You want to be a player? Get over here, man, you want to actually be in the game.

You want to actually be you know, not just you know, be some guy making 100k a year Oh, think you’re making so much money. Now. You want to be a real player making hundreds of 1000s have investments of hundreds of 1000s and companies six figure seven figure investments.

You need to be on the growth mindset, man, you’re not going to get there unless you’re going to be super old. Well, if you want to be you know, have six and seven figure investments.

You know, when you’re 7080 years old? Yeah, worry about this, worry about this. have that type of mindset and you will get there when you’re 70 or 80 years old. You want to have that type of stuff when you’re in your 30s and your 40s dude.

Get the growth mindset man and it’s a big shift. How do you shift it from there? How do you actually shift from, you know, a saving mindset to a growth mindset, what it comes down to at the end of day it comes down to one thing, it comes down to confidence in yourself.

Belief in yourself that you can go out there and do it, okay? believe that you can go grow your money into money, okay? And you’re not going to be able to do that at a workplace, the chances you’re going to rise ranks and become CEO of Apple very.

Very slim, the chances you can go start a company that might make you $50,000 a year, pretty high, okay, and the chances you can expand that company into some other company that makes you $100,000 will, you know, pretty high.

Now the chances you can make that into a company that somehow makes you a quarter mil a year, 10 years from now, pretty high. But once again, the chances of you being CEO of Apple or an executive at Apple or Walmart or Amazon, extremely low, okay.

So where I’m telling you is where the money is that you got to get confidence in yourself that you can go out there and do it. And how do you start, it’s little step by little step, okay, it’s a little step by little step.

I always talk about this, you got to take a little step here, a little step there. And then that little step is a huge step, okay, you start a little side project, while you’re still working on a company, you have a little success there.

And you’re like, wow, I’m really building this, you focus a little more time and attention there, okay, then also, maybe you go down and be a part time worker at your workplace. And you’re following more time, you’re seeing more results.

And then also, next thing, you know, you’re making enough money from this over here that you can quit your regular job, you build this thing up over here, it gets some confidence, and you realize man is way bigger opportunity over here for me, you go after that, and you build that, okay.

And then you go from that. And if that thing’s not big enough, and you see something bigger out, there you go and leap for the next one, okay, you go take that next chance, and you go rise from there, okay.

But it’s little step by little step, and it’s getting confidence in yourself, you don’t have the confidence in yourself, the strategies aren’t going to work, okay, I could tell you all the marketing strategies.

I could tell you all the social media strategies, I can tell you, all the investing strategies are gonna tell you everything about what you need to look for in a stock and in a real estate property, or a bond or whatever.

Like, if you don’t have confidence in yourself, it’s it’s game over at that point, get the confidence in yourself, take these little steps, and then get to where you want to get and get that growth mindset man, like, forget this dude, forget this crap is not going to get you there.

It’s not going to get you there. Unless you want to be the you know, someone that’s doing okay, by the way to you and say you’re 7080 years old, you got two mil in the bank. Dude, me if you’re in your 20s and 30s watching this.

And you’re going to be talking about 70s and 80s. Like to Mills gonna be nothing like two mil might be worth what equivalent to 100,000 or, you know, 500,000 is now Okay, that might be what two Mills worth at that time, maybe even less.

So think about that for a second man, you’re not going to get there. From here, you’re going to get there. From here, you want to be a real player. If you don’t, for the growth side, that’s where it’s at, guys.

So I’m viewing everything as I can. I can’t spend any money. I can’t spend any money, spend money on what you want to spend money on. I was I was so stupid. When I started my real estate marketing company.

You know, it cost me like, you know, I don’t want to say six to $7,000 somewhere around there to start my real estate marketing company. There was a phenomenal photographer, a phenomenal photographer, real estate photographer, one of the best in the world.

He was selling a course it was like $400 course. And at that time, I didn’t like Yeah, I was like dang $400 for this course I could learn from this guy who’s super successful has all these real estate clients is a phenomenal real estate photographer.

I could learn from for 400 bucks, I buy his course. But I was like, Nah, I should save my money. Dude, if I could tell you how much how much I would have made if I would have just freakin taken that course and applied his principles.

Rather than holding myself back. It was so hard to build my real estate company in the early days, because I was pretty much a garbage photographer and had to charge garbage prices because I was garbage.

If I would have bought his damn course it would have helped me out so much because he’s one of the best and he was teaching so many things all in this one course I got to pay $400 for it and probably made $40,000 my first year instead of making i don’t know i might have been.

I was lucky to probably make 20,000 or so in my first true year of being my real estate business. I could have made at least 40,000 plus if I would have actually took his course like like what an idiot I was.

But I still had that savings mindset dude. And then my mind start opening up and I’m like nowadays I’m like I roll my eyes when I think about like, like man I was so naive so naive man. so naive that’s just the bottom line.

So anyways Hope you guys enjoyed this get over that growth mindset if you want to be a real player in this game you want to be you want to have two mil in the bank, be an old ass dude like like you and save your way there. Good luck with that. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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